Lievens & Co is an independent legal, tax, and financial consultancy firm with offices in Bruges and Brussels. Since 30 years, they have been merely indulged providing expert advice to entrepreneurs and their companies. Additionally, they also assist you in managing your accountancy and taxation operations.

We assisted Lievens and Co to design a visual that helps them build credibility among the target audience.

Even after equipped with such an extraordinary product which make people's lives easy by managing their mundane bills and invoices, the company was not able to articulate it to the audience. This is where we came to the rescue.

We provided the solution to their problem by designing a storyboard which comprised of two parts.

The person who didn't have the product was confronting real-life problems, whereas the other person who had the product
realized how easy his life could get when everything can be managed with just a few clicks.

From Manual Paper Work

Let’s Go Digital!

To Everything Automatic

Presenting you an animated explanatory video for Lievens & Co.

Project NameAnimatedExplainer Video

We delivered a creative and engaging video that could balance the attention of the audience and deliver the organization's message to the right places.