Marriott is one of the largest five-star hotel chains in the world. Its grandeur can be experienced as soon as you step into their hotels.

They approached us to add gold to their scaling efforts on Marriott Bakery, which would perceptibly define their culture in the organization to their customers. The goal was to design an identity that encompassed both: royalty and reliability. This was achieved by a simple color palette paired with chic illustrations; while the font style and contour lines added to the elegance and sophistication.

Truly inspired from the heritage sites of Indore, it made it possible for us to deliver a spic-and-span identity bringing new vitality to an exhausted aesthetic.

Project Name Marriott F&B Packaging Design

By chef's special demand that the packaging should bear the essence of Indore's lively soul, it was a tough game for us to play. But we accepted the challenge and delivered the illustrations which did include a playful edge of the city.